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Questions to ask before you start

Here's a number of questions that others have found useful in planning a new initiative:
Why are you thinking of doing anything? Who is driving the thinking? Is your PCC behind it?  
 What are you thinking of doing?          How does it fit in with other activities in your parish and with you parish development plan?
 Have you got evidence of need or usefulness that will convince potential funders and/or partners? What made you think of this particular type of project? If you have any anecdotal evidence, is it backed up by other sorts of information, such as demographic or service data or deprivation statistics? 
 How do you intend to meet this need? What sort of service do you intend to provide? Are there any special regulations that need to be taken into account (e.g. child protection)? 
 What would you need to meet this need? Premises, people, skills, funding?, 
 What have you got to offer? How far is what is needed (premises, funding, skills, volunteers etc..) already in place or already accessible? 
 Have you checked that no-one else is meeting that need? Are there organisations in the area that are already providing a similar service?  
 What do you want to achieve? What would you see as success? 
 How would you measure success? How would you know you were moving in the right direction? 
 Are there potential partners around? Are there other churches or faith groups nearby that would want to collaborate? Would what you want to do help or be helped by what some other organisation does?
 Are there potential funding sources? Donations, grant aid, contracts, earned income? 
 Who will be responsible for it? Do they have the time and commitment necessary for the task?