The 'Resourcing Christian Community Action' project is not designed to require ongoing support at Church House or elsewhere: there are many links and references throughout this website to enable you to access a wide range of support directly. However if you find any errors, or things which need updating, or if you'd like one of the Steering Group to come and speak to a Diocesan Synod to explain more about its purpose, please e-mail us.

The Steering Group is led by Malcolm Brown, Director of Mission & Public Affairs in Church House, Westminster.
As from Tuesday 19th November 2013 we will start implementing a new facility for dioceses to enter projects directly onto the website. Initially it will be only Oxford Diocese, then London and Manchester, which will be trialling the new arrangements. We hope to extend these arrangements across the rest of the country during the first quarter of 2014.
Any technical support enquiries from diocesan administrators regarding this new facility will be handled by Zebedee Creations by emailing . Enquiries about the roll-out schedule and management issues should be directed to .
Please note that updates and amendments to the Full Report projects will be handled separately, by sending marked-up text to .