Church and Community Fund

The Church and Community Fund (CCF) aims to grow the Church of England and develop its capacity to engage with the whole community. By making grants to the national church and local projects, the CCF will assist the Church of England firstly to develop its capacity to engage with the whole community, secondly to help transform areas of greatest need and opportunity and thirdly to help grow the Church spiritually and numerically.

Therefore in 2012 to 2014 the CCF will support projects that:

  • Significantly expand the Church’s engagement with neighbourhood renewal;
  • Seek innovative ways of developing established community projects so that they either a) grow existing or b) evolve into new communities of Christian Faith; and
  • Replicate models of successful community engagement across the wider church.

The CCF was established in 1915. Formerly known as the ‘Central Church Fund’, it changed its name to 'The Church and Community Fund' in June 2006 and is now under the trusteeship of the Archbishops' Council (registered charity number 1074857). In 2011 the CCF gave away around £500,000 to projects that sought to equip the church better to connect with their neighbourhood and beyond. The CCF awards grants to community projects run by local Anglican Churches in England or other organisations who are working in close partnership with the Church of England on the ground.

Please click here to download the CCF's latest annual review.
Further information and applying for funding