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Thanks and Acknowledgements

This extensive study would not have been possible without the contribution of a large number of people, but particular thanks are due to Professor Hilary Russell on whose research it is based. Hilary has travelled extensively across the country, gathering first-hand experiences from those whose stories are reported so fully in the 'Projects' section of 'Research'. She has analysed the results and drawn conclusions and guidance to help others setting out to take action in their communities, or to grow existing initiatives, working with the Steering Group all the while to meet the objectives of the study.

Here's Hilary's thanks for all who've contributed to the project during 2011:

I had very helpful discussions with people from national organisations such as The Children’s Society, Church Action on Poverty, Church Urban Fund, English Heritage, Housing Justice and the Mothers’ Union and the National Rural Officers of the Church of England and the United Reformed Church at the Arthur Rank Centre. Many diocesan officers with responsibility for social responsibility, church and society, community ministry and rural affairs were extremely co-operative in providing information about projects in their dioceses.

The greatest demands, however, were made on those who told me about infrastructure organisations and diocesan strategies and, especially, the contacts in the local projects. They were all most patient in response to my requests and in giving time for either face-to-face meetings or telephone interviews. I felt privileged to have the experience of hearing about many inspiring projects and witnessing the dedication of those involved. I am most grateful for their interest, candour and generosity.

The members of the steering group, Tim Bissett, Malcolm Brown and Gavin Oldham, gave immense support and valuable insights and Gavin also played a major role in constructing the website. Nonetheless, I accept full responsibility for any errors of fact, omission or interpretation.

Hilary Russell